Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester

HTZK-IV Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Quantitative measurement, suitable for vacuum switch vacuum measurement, vacuum switch preventive detection special instrument

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Product Introduction

The vacuum circuit breaker is a common method for judging whether the vacuum degree of the vacuum tube is degraded or not. It is a power frequency withstand voltage method, and this method is only an arc extinguishing chamber capable of judging that the degree of vacuum is seriously deteriorated. And when the vacuum deteriorates to 10-2-10-1 At Pa, although the breakdown voltage did not decrease, the arc extinguishing chamber was unqualified. Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester uses a new excitation coil to measure the vacuum of the arc chamber using the magnetron discharge method without disassembling the arc chamber. At the same time, the microcomputer is used for synchronous control and data acquisition and processing, so that the field test sensitivity of the vacuum chamber of the arc extinguishing chamber reaches 10-5Pa. The most outstanding feature of the Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester is the use of a new excitation coil and data processing method to achieve a vacuum measurement without disassembly. Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester is a practical testing instrument widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, textile, coal, railway and other departments that use vacuum switches.

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Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

Test object Various types of vacuum switch tubes
Test method Non-disassembly measurement of vacuum tubes using a new excitation coil
Scope of application This instrument is a multi-purpose machine, which can measure various types of vacuum switches.
Measuring range 10-5~10-1 Pa
measurement accuracy 10-5~10-4 Pa,10%
10-4~10-3 Pa,10%
10-3~10-2 Pa,10%
10-2~10-1 Pa,10%
Magnetic field voltage 1700V
Pulsed electric field high voltage 30kV
Switch tube opening distance when testing


Normal use of open distance
Use environment -20℃~40℃
Host weight 24kg
Dimensions 410×320×370mm3
Sampler Magnetron coil

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Product Characteristics

Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester Vacuum Switch Vacuum Tester

Product Picture

Product attachment diagram

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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