Battery charge and discharge tester

HTCFD Battery Charge and Discharge Tester

The voltage monitoring information of single battery is simple, safe and accurate with wireless relay access

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Product Introduction

After years of research and development, our company has successfully developed battery charge and discharge tester, which is highly intelligent and accurate, with its proprietary technology. This tester can be used as a discharge load in the off-line state of the battery and realize constant discharge of the set value through continuous control of discharge current. During discharge, when the terminal voltage of the battery, or the voltage of the single battery falls to the set lower limit, or the set discharge time reaches, or the set discharge capacity, the instrument will automatically stop discharging and record all valuable and continuous real-time data of the process.

Battery charge and discharge tester system the voltage monitoring information of single battery is simple, safe and accurate with wireless relay access.

Battery charge and discharge tester it has a very friendly man-machine interface, which can not only complete all kinds of settings and data query under the prompt of menu, but also save the process data of discharge in the memory of the equipment, transfer to the U disk through the data interface, and analyze the data through the special software of the upper computer to generate the required curve and report.

Battery charge and discharge tester there is perfect protection function, not only sound, light warning, but also a clear interface tips.

Product nickname:battery charge and discharge tester

Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

Working mode can be used alone, can be used simultaneously, can be remote control and status monitoring
Applicable battery 48V 110V 220V 380V
Charging voltage 40~60V 95~150V 190~300V 350~450V
Charging current 10~150A 1~80A 1~40A 1~20A
Discharge voltage 10~60V 80~135V 80~270V 300~460V
Discharge current 0~150A 0~200A 0~100A 0~60A
Accuracy of current 1%
Voltage accuracy 0.5%
Monomer voltage accuracy 0.2%
Monomer voltage 0.500V~16.00V(resolution 1mv)
Charge discharge time 0 ~ 99 hours and 59 minutes
Power supply AC:220V/380V
Cooling way forced air cooling
Handling way industrial universal wheel

Work Environment

Heat dissipation forced air cooling
Temperature working range: -5 ~ 50℃ storage temperature: -40 ~ 70℃
Humidity relative to humidity0 ~ 90% (40±2℃)
Altitude rated altitude: 4000 m
Noise ﹤60dB

Working Power Supply

Voltage single-phase three-wire system: 220V AC (- 20% ~ +30%), frequency :45 ~ 65Hz
Withstand voltage test input - housing: 2200V DC 1min
input-output: 2200V DC 1min
output - housing: 700V DC 1min
Security meet EN610950


AC input Gb socket, suitable for 1 ~ 1.5mm2cable
DC output instrument 25 mm2Cable quick connect plug (red positive black negative)

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Product Characteristics

Battery charge and discharge tester Battery charge and discharge tester Battery charge and discharge tester Battery charge and discharge tester Battery charge and discharge tester Battery charge and discharge tester

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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