Power frequency withstand voltage tester host

HTXZ(L) Power Frequency Series Resonant Test System

Ac withstand test for single hydrodynamo with capacity of 250MW or less

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Product Introduction

With the development of power system, the capacity of running equipment is increasing. For example, Thermal generator group, the single capacity has exceeded 1000MW, and hydrodynamo group, the maximum capacity has reached 800MW. If traditional test equipment (power frequency test transformer) is used for the ac power frequency withstand Voltage test of these devices, the regulator is very bulky because of the large test capacity required, and the high-capacity test power supply is difficult to solve in the field, so the field test is extremely inconvenient. The Power frequency withstand voltage tester host, no matter from test Power supply capacity, equipment weight, the waveform and has advantages in such aspects as investment. The Power frequency withstand voltage tester host focuses on the potential of capacity of 250 mw and below hydrodynamo ac withstand voltage test of the design and manufacture.

product names:Power frequency resonance、Power frequency series resonance、Series resonance、Series resonant transformer、Series resonance test equipment、Adjustable frequency resonant voltage withstand device、Power frequency withstand voltage tester host

Product Parameters

Technical parameters

Rated output voltage0 ~ 60kV(AC RMS) and below
output frequency50Hz
Resonance voltage waveformPure sine wave, waveform distortion rate ≤1%
Work systemFull power conticontrol consolenuous working time of 1min
quality factor10~40
Maximum test capacity3000kVA and below
Working power supply380V±15%、Power frequency 50Hz

Serial product configuration(Scope of application(Ac withstand voltage test for generator or motor with outlet voltage of 20kV or below, test frequency: 50Hz))

Product model control console Voltage regulator reactor(dry) Excitation transformer(dry) Voltage divider Scope of application
HTXZ(L)- 200kVA/25kV 30kW 30kVA(electric) 200kVA/25kV Adjustable one 30kVA dry 30kV hydrodynamo.0.4~1.0μF.(10kV/40MW)
HTXZ(L)- 300kVA/50kV 60kW 60kVA(electric) 300kVA/50kV Adjustable one 60kVA oil-immersed 50kV Thermal generator.0.27~0.33μF.(20kV/300MW)
HTXZ(L)- 600kVA/50kV 60kW 60kVA(electric) 200kVA/50kV Adjustable one
400kVA/50kV Adjustable one
60kVA oil-immersed 50kV Thermal generator.0.113~0.45μF.(20kV/600MW)
HTXZ(L)- 1200kVA/50kV 120kW 120kVA(induction) 200kVA/50kV Fixed two
800kVA/50kV Adjustable one
120kVA oil-immersed 50kV hydrodynamo.0.6~1.8μF.(20kV/250MW)
HTXZ(L)- 2750kVA/55kV 300kW 300kVA(induction) 750kVA/55kV Fixed two
1250kVA/55kV Adjustable one
120kVA oil-immersed 60kV hydrodynamo.1.6~3.3μF.(20kV/770MW)

Note: the solution can be customized according to the parameters of test objects

Capacitance of the power system commonly used hydrodynamo reference table

hydrodynamo Rated Capacity(WM) rated voltage(kV) Phase capacitor(μF)
72.5~85 10.5 0.694
125~150 / 1.8~1.9
300 15.75 1.7~2.5
400 18.0 2~2.5
600 / 2.1~2.5

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Product Characteristics

Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host Power frequency withstand voltage tester host

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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