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What Is the Harmonic Braking Test of Relay Tester

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Electricity workers at work, often need to use three-phase microcomputer protection relay test set (also called the relay protection tester). The equipment is mainly used for power transformer, generator, relay etc, to conduct performance test and harmonic braking test. This is a more conventional test , this paper to give you a brief introduction of what is the three phase relay protection tester harmonic braking test.

The starting value, the final value and the step size of the differential current should be set to determine the position of the search line. After setting the search scope, select "add sequence" or "add" to populate the search row data into the test data list, select "start testing" to test, and select "delete" or "all output" to delete the search row.

In addition, you can also set the braking current at each inflection point and the slope of each polyline (proportional braking coefficient) combined with the differential current value and differential speed off current value on the home page.The theoretical braking characteristic curve can be drawn and the setting value of each inflection point can be set according to the protection setting value. If the protection setting value does not give the inflection point value, you can refer to the protection action diagram in the protection manual for setting. If you have multiple curves, you should have multiple inflection points. We can check the box in front of the inflection point 2 to set the second inflection point, so we can now draw three curves, the program can only set three inflection points, that is, can only draw a maximum of four curves.

The harmonic braking test of three-phase microcomputer protection relay test set is a conventional high-voltage power test item. Electrical workers need to master its test methods and skills.

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