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Characteristics of insulation resistance tester

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Characteristics of insulation resistance tester:

1. High output power, strong load capacity and strong anti-interference ability.   

2. The shell of the insulation resistance tester is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Built-in equipotential protection ring and fourth order active low pass filter Settings. It can effectively shield the external power frequency and strong electromagnetic field. Since the output short-circuit current of the capacitance test sample is greater than 1.6mA, it is easy to raise the test voltage rapidly to the rated value of the output voltage. For low resistance measurements, the voltage drop does not affect the accuracy of the test because the proportional method is used.

3. Battery power, no manual operation, the range can be changed automatically. A clear panel operation and LCD display make measurement very convenient fast.

4. The output short circuit current of the insulation resistance tester can be directly measured without the need for load measurement to estimate.

Preparation before use of digital display insulation resistance tester:

When the insulation resistance tester is working, high voltage is generated by itself, and the measuring object is electrical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to use the insulation resistance tester correctly, or it will cause accidents of the body or equipment. Before using the insulation resistance tester, the following preparations should be made:

(1) The power supply of the equipment under test must be cut off before the measurement and the ground short-circuit discharge shall be conducted. Electrical measuring equipment is not allowed to ensure personal and equipment safety.

(2) For equipment that may cause high pressure, this possibility must be eliminated before measurement.

(3) The surface of the object under test shall be clean to reduce the contact resistance and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

(4) Before measurement, check whether the insulation resistance tester is in normal working state, mainly check the position of "0" and the "one hand" of the insulation resistance tester, that is, shake the generator handle to make the motor reach the rated speed. When the insulation resistance tester short circuit, the pointer should refer to the position of "0"; When the circuit is open, the pointer should refer to the "∞" position.

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