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insulation tester for generator

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1.Insulation resistance tester for water-cooled generator (Also called Generator insulation tester). Lead part failure.

Test method: The unbalance rate of three-phase DC resistance is far greater than 4%, or a phase can't pass at all.

Processing method: Coring inspection to determine the fault position, poor contact can be reground and compacted, re welding of poor quality welding. Insufficient welding surface shall be added, if the lead part is insufficient, It should be replaced (added) to meet the demand.

2.Insulation resistance tester for water-cooled generator .Tap changer fault.

Test method: Measure the DC resistance of different taps. If you don't take it at all, it means that the switch is burnt out. If the DC resistance of the tap is unbalanced, the contact is burnt out. If the smell is heavy, it means overheating or arcing.

Processing method: Coring inspection. If there are only overheating, poor contact or slight arc traces on the switch contacts, they can be removed, overhauled and reused. If the burn is serious or the contact is discharged to the ground, the switch shall be replaced. When the contact is released to the ground, it will usually cause the steering deformation of the voltage regulating section of the high-voltage coil. The coil shall be overhauled or rewound (replaced).

3.Insulation resistance tester for water-cooled generator. Coil fault.

Test method: In general, coil failure often occurs in oil conservator, oil injection, oil tank bulge, oil smell burning and other parts. The insulation resistance and DC resistance can be measured. The insulation resistance is zero, and the DC resistance increases and is unstable.

Processing method: Check the hanging core and determine the fault condition. If the damage is slight, it can be repaired and used. If the fault is serious, please consider replacing the coil. If the oil tank is not sealed tightly, technical transformation should be carried out.

4.Insulation resistance tester for water-cooled generator. Insulation drop.

Test method: Conduct insulation resistance and oil test on transformer regularly. If the measured value changes greatly or is lower than the specified requirements, it can be determined that the transformer is damped or the oil insulation resistance drops.

Processing method: The insulation resistance of the transformer shall be completely dry. Replace or filter the oil insulation to repair the sealing of the transformer and the failure of the moisture absorber.

5.Insulation resistance tester for water-cooled generator. Core failure.

Test method: Measure the insulation resistance of the lead screw. If it is less than 10 megohm, it shall be repaired.

Processing method: After hanging the core, pull out the damaged core screw and replace the insulation.

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