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Unusual noise in high voltage test transformer

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Inflatable high-voltage test transformer is a new type of high-voltage test equipment. This series of products adopts a single-frame core core structure. coupling. It adopts a single frame core core structure. The primary winding is wound on the iron core, and the high-voltage winding is outside. This coaxial arrangement reduces the leakage flux and thus increases the coupling between the windings. The overall structure of this product is compact, versatile, and easy to use and carry. It is suitable for power systems and power users to test the insulation performance of various high-voltage electrical equipment on site.

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When the gas-filled high-voltage test transformer has abnormal sound, the solution:

1. When the sound is loud and noisy, it may be the problem of the transformer core. Similarly, when the clamps or the screws holding the iron core are loose, the instructions of the instrument are normal, and there is no major change in the color, measurement and oil level of the oil in the pressure test device. .

2. When there is a rattling sound in the sound, which is large and uneven, it may be a breakdown of the insulation of the transformer body. At that time, the transformer should be stopped for inspection.

3. There is the sound of water evaporation in the sound, and the follicle escape sound of the intellectual ability pressure experiment device of "gumbling" may be caused by a major fault in the winding, which makes the nearby whole machine have a major fever and gasification. The contact of the tap changer is poor and the local point has major overheating or short circuit between turns of the transformer, the city makes this sound. At this time, the operation of the transformer should be stopped immediately, and the power quality analyzer should be checked.

4. When there are successive and regular impacts or conflicts in the sound, it may be that some components of the transformer are in mechanical contact due to the vibration of the iron core, or it may be a strange sound caused by electrostatic discharge. There is no response to the instruction and measurement. Although this kind of sound is unusual, it does not cause serious damage to the operation. It is not necessary to stop the operation immediately, and it can be eliminated during the program inspection.

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