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The role of zinc oxide arrester tester

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What is the function of the zinc oxide arrester tester? The zinc oxide arrester tester is a special instrument for testing the electrical performance of zinc oxide arresters. Dangerous defects such as internal insulation dampness and valve aging.

The instrument is simple to operate and easy to use. The entire measurement process is controlled by a single chip microcomputer. It can measure the full current, resistive current and its harmonics, power frequency reference voltage and its harmonics, active power and phase difference of zinc oxide arresters. Displays real waveforms of voltage and current. The instrument uses digital waveform analysis technology and software anti-interference methods such as harmonic analysis and digital filtering to make the measurement results accurate and stable.

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Features of Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester (Part):

1. Large current capacity This is mainly reflected in the arrester's ability to absorb various lightning overvoltages, power frequency transient overvoltages, and operating overvoltages.

2. Excellent protection characteristics Zinc oxide arrester is an electrical product used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage damage, and has good protection performance. Because the non-linear volt-ampere characteristics of the zinc oxide valve plate are very good, only a few hundred microamps of current can pass under the normal operating voltage, which is convenient to design a gap-free structure, so that it has good protection performance, light weight and small size. feature. When the overvoltage invades, the current flowing through the valve plate increases rapidly, at the same time, the amplitude of the overvoltage is limited, and the energy of the overvoltage is released. After that, the zinc oxide valve plate returns to the high resistance state, so that the power system can work normally.

3. Good sealing performance The arrester element adopts a high-quality composite jacket with good aging performance and good air tightness, and measures such as controlling the compression of the sealing ring and increasing the application of sealant. The ceramic jacket is used as a sealing material to ensure reliable sealing and stable performance of the arrester. .

4. Mechanical properties mainly consider the following three factors:

(1) Earthquake force to be endured;

(2) The maximum wind pressure acting on the arrester;

(3) The top of the arrester bears the maximum allowable tensile force of the wire.

5. Good anti-pollution performance The gapless zinc oxide arrester has high anti-pollution performance.

6. High operational reliability The reliability of long-term operation depends on the quality of the product and whether the selection of the product is reasonable.

There are three main aspects that affect its product quality:

(1) The rationality of the overall structure of the arrester;

(2) The volt-ampere characteristics and aging resistance of the zinc oxide valve plate;

(3) The sealing performance of the arrester.

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