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Why perform a megohmmeter test?

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When the magnitude of the leakage current exceeds the design limit that the cable cannot withstand, the cable will no longer transmit energy efficiently. All electrical systems used in various fields such as households; industries, hospitals, automobiles, etc. are interconnected using wires. Therefore, in order to protect the electrical system from external or internal damage, we must check the insulation of the wires.

Insulation Resistance Tester.png

Insulation resistance checks the insulation quality of an electrical system to avoid any major or minor electric shock to the operator. Over time, when we leak current from conductors, it can happen due to damage or moisture or contamination. It can cause all kinds of problems like light tripping because moisture gets into the wall which will make the current jump out of the conductor and trigger the switch, we can also see this problem in portable devices like electric kettles that have a metal case, so if we There are insulation problems. So by touching the device, we're going to be shocked.

Let's assume we're building a transformer, so the insulation we'll be using for the windings will be tested before use; check that the resistor will fit in the windings. If we use insulation without testing, there is a risk of damage to the transformer if the resistance is incorrect. Electric shock may also occur due to insulation failure. So, to avoid these types of failures, we do a megohmmeter test.

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