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Loop resistance tester measures resistance

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Loop resistance tester measures contact resistance:

During work, electric workers often need to use a loop resistance tester to measure the contact resistance. The contact resistance is also called loop resistance. Specifically, the loop resistance tester can measure the high and low voltage switch loop resistance and the high DC resistance of cable lines. Precision measurement, as well as other test situations that require large current and micro-resistance measurement, can be measured using a loop resistance tester.

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To measure contact resistance in power systems, power workers generally used conventional double-arm DC bridges in the past, but the test current of this type of bridge is small, and it is difficult to detect defects that reduce the cross-sectional area of loop conductors. And when using this method to measure the contact resistance of the conductive circuit of a high-voltage switch, the measurement result will be much larger because of the influence of the oil film and oxide layer in the middle of the contact, so it is impossible to truly detect the contact resistance value. This method has long been eliminated. According to the regulations of the electric power test regulations, the current electric power workers basically use those that meet the requirements of the electric power regulations. The measuring current of measuring the contact resistance of switches, circuit breakers, etc. is not less than DC 100A, and the minimum current is maintained not less than 60S. Huatian Power's loop resistance tester can guarantee the accuracy of the test results.

This instrument has very high measurement accuracy for contact resistance and is powerful. It has many functions such as data storage, output printing, time setting, etc. In terms of testing, there is also a 50A gear for users to choose, and currently it can reach 0.01μΩ resolution. The high-efficiency and very stable contact resistance tester, the performance exceeds the imported high-current micro-ohmmeter.

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