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Insulation resistance tester live detection

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Introduction to the application of insulation resistance tester in live detection in the power industry

The live detection in the electric power industry mainly includes the live detection of overhead lines, the live detection of primary/secondary equipment in substations, etc. The purpose is to detect the operating status of various equipment without affecting the normal operation of power equipment, and prevent and detect various types of equipment in advance. This kind of potential faults ensure the safe operation of the power system.

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Insulation resistance tester products include various megohmmeter products in a narrow sense, as well as insulator resistance tester series products that detect the zero value of insulators. The former can detect the resistance value of some equipment when the power is cut off, and it is generally suitable for testing before equipment installation. ; The latter is mainly used to detect insulator products in live operation. Its purpose is to measure the zero value and predict in advance whether the insulator has discharge or breakdown.

At present, the mainstream insulation resistance tester products mainly refer to the insulator resistance tester. The series of products represented by the HB-RT20 insulator resistance tester can accurately detect the resistance value of each insulator, which can accurately distinguish the leakage but not yet hit. Wear insulators that are in a critical value state to prevent power failures in advance and avoid various negative losses caused by unexpected power outages.

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