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Wiring of Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

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The power detection equipment can only be used correctly after wiring. The following editor gives an example of the wiring steps of the microcomputer relay protection tester.


Open the "frequency and high and low cycle protection" test module, and select the "action frequency" test item of the "low cycle protection" test object;

set up

Switch to the "action frequency" test interface, set the test data

Setting value

Set according to the setting value sheet of the protection or the setting value of the actual setting of the protection. This setting item only serves as a reference during the test and does not affect the test results.

Action frequency test range

The "test start value" must be greater than the protection setting action frequency, and the "test end value" must be less than the setting action frequency. The "variation step length" is determined according to the accuracy requirements of the test, and generally can be set according to the default 0.05Hz.

Df/dt value during test

Refers to the uniform frequency conversion rate of the first stage in the frequency drop process, the df/dt value should be less than the blocking value of the protection setting.

Frequency step

Refers to the "variation step length" of the second stage of the step-by-step frequency conversion. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy of the test.

Action time

Set the action time. The time interval of the step-by-step frequency conversion in the second stage is equal to this value plus 0.2 seconds. If the value is set too small, it may make the protection too late to operate within a frequency conversion time interval, so the value should be set correctly.

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