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Safe operation of on-load tap-changer tester

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Transformer on-load tap changer tester is a comprehensive measuring instrument used to measure and analyze the electrical performance indicators of power transformers and special transformers on-load tap changers in power systems. It adopts computer control, through a specially designed measuring circuit, it can realize the measurement of the on-load tap changer's transition time, transition waveform, transition resistance, three-phase consistency, and other parameters. Users can directly measure the parameters according to their needs and site conditions. The lead of the tap changer can be measured, and it can also be measured directly by the three-phase bushing and neutral point of the transformer. The instrument has the functions of analyzing, storing and printing the measured data. It solves the problem of backward measurement methods for on-load tap-changers of power transformers and no test methods. Potential failures of on-load tap-changers can be diagnosed in time during preventive tests of power equipment and transformer overhauls, which can improve the reliability of power system operation Sex is important.

In order to ensure the safety of operators and instruments, the manufacturer reminds users to pay attention!

⒈ Be sure to read this manual carefully before using the instrument;

⒉ The operator of the instrument should have common sense in the use of general electrical equipment or instruments;

⒊ The instrument can work normally in the range of ambient temperature -5℃~40℃ and relative humidity ≤80%, but it should avoid rain and direct sunlight on the LCD screen when it is used outdoors;

⒋ There is a protective ground wire on the power socket, please insert the plug into the three-hole jack with ground wire;

⒌ The maximum output voltage of the instrument is 24V. When testing on site, first connect all the leads and then turn on the power of the instrument;

⒍ The power supply must be turned off when changing the clamp of the instrument. The instrument can be used for measurement with a coil, but live measurement is strictly prohibited;

⒎ It is not possible to connect more than two sets of wires together as one measurement, and the wires that are not used should be opened;

⒏ After the test is over, first turn off the instrument and then remove all wiring.

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