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Field test procedure of test transformer

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The preset test procedure, the test transformer test needs to include a test preparation period

Make safety nets around the test transformer experiment, and affix warning signs on the safety nets, and conduct tests in strict accordance with relevant regulations. There must be special guards around the safety net, and the rigorous approach of irrelevant personnel may cause unnecessary consequences. The person in charge should be a professional. When conducting high-voltage tests on transformers, safety is the primary consideration and cannot be ignored, otherwise it will cause unnecessary casualties. In the process of pressure test, professionals should connect the voltage and circuit, work conscientiously, and be comprehensive.

The key point of the test is that during the test process of the test transformer, there must be more than two personnel to cooperate, point out one person in charge, and the other personnel to cooperate in the test. The personnel in each link must be clearly divided and perform their duties. Test personnel must have a certain degree of safety awareness. Personnel who are not familiar with the test process are not allowed to perform this job to avoid safety accidents. The person in charge must conduct a meticulous and thoughtful inspection of each link of the test. After ensuring that the work is correct, they can evacuate to the outside of the safety net, and can stop the inspection after ensuring that everyone has evacuated.

The equipment used in the test transformer test should be inspected, such as instrumentation, capacity inspection, etc.; the wiring of the equipment should be marked to avoid wiring errors. When all preparations are in place, the person in charge must issue a closing instruction, and then a dedicated person will close the switch. When testing the transformer, all participants must be fully committed, serious and responsible, and not careless or careless. The person in charge must conduct a unified command for the test, and handle it calmly when an emergency occurs.

Inspection in the subsequent period

After the test, carefully remove the wiring of the test transformer equipment and the safety net, and conduct a careful survey to eliminate various hidden dangers. In fact, it is easy to overlook the inspection during the subsequent period. It is necessary to focus on checking the connection status of the instrument and whether the gates of each category have been disconnected.

Matters needing attention in the use of high-voltage test transformers

First, connect the line. In addition to connecting the various lines during the test, the transformer must be grounded to the shell of the operating system. At the same time, the end of the high-voltage winding and the measuring winding must be safely grounded.

Secondly, the precautions in the process of testing the transformer, when the voltage regulator is at zero, close the switch. At this time, the voltage is increased at a constant speed and needs to be increased to the position of the rated voltage. At this time, observe the pointer of the instrument. . If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, immediately disconnect the electricity, make an inspection, and then continue the test. In the course of the experiment, the iron core of the transformer must be grounded, because according to its working principle, it can be known that if it is not grounded, it will cause an electric shock accident.

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