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Safe use of circuit breaker tester

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The circuit breaker tester is based on a high-performance industrial embedded platform, has high-speed data acquisition, analysis and processing capabilities, can withstand strong electromagnetic field (above 500KV) interference, and has the characteristics of simultaneous analysis of multi-channel high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics and high test accuracy. According to the different test requirements of different switches, the instrument has rich and complete user-defined functions. The pilot holding instrument has a built-in isolated adjustable DC power supply and switch operation command simulation control module. During the test, the built-in DC power supply can directly control the opening, closing and reclosing operations of the switch, and it has the function of automatic or manual operation voltage test. The instrument can carry out various types of high-voltage switches related mechanical characteristic parameters (time, speed, synchronization, stroke, bounce, coil current, etc.) testing and characteristic analysis.

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Requirements for the safe use of circuit breaker testers

Please read the following safety precautions to avoid personal injury and prevent damage to this product or any other products connected to it. In order to avoid possible hazards, the product can only be used within the specified range.

1. Only qualified technicians can perform maintenance to prevent fire or personal injury, and use appropriate power cords. Only use the power cord that is dedicated to the product and meets the specifications of the product to properly connect and disconnect. When the test lead is connected to a live terminal, please do not connect or disconnect the test lead at will. The product is grounded. In addition to the grounding of the product through the grounding wire of the power cord, the grounding pole of the product shell must be grounded. To prevent electric shock, the grounding conductor must be connected to the ground. Before connecting to the input or output terminal of the pilot holding product, ensure that the product is properly grounded. Pay attention to the ratings of all terminals. To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, please pay attention to all ratings and markings of the product. Before connecting the product, please read the product manual for further information about the rated value.

2. Do not operate without the instrument cover. If the cover or panel has been removed, do not operate the product and use an appropriate fuse. Only use fuses that meet the specified type and rating of the product. Avoid connecting circuits and charged metals. When the product is powered, do not touch the contacts and parts, and do not operate when there is a suspicious failure. If you suspect that the product is damaged, please contact the maintenance personnel for inspection, do not continue to operate after the test is over, wait until the discharge is completed before removing the test line.

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