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How to choose a suitable test transformer

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Electric power workers often need to use test transformers in the work of high-voltage power tests. At present, the mainstream test transformers are divided into three types: oil-immersed, dry and gas-filled. The characteristics of these three test transformers are also different. When you choose, you are often at a loss and don't know which one to choose. This article will briefly analyze the characteristics of these three test transformers for your reference only.

The main feature of the oil-immersed test transformer is that the internal insulation is carried out by insulating oil. The cost is relatively low and the price is cheap. If the insulation effect is not satisfactory in the later stage, refuelling is enough, but the physical examination is relatively large and the weight is relatively heavy. Because there is a large amount of insulating oil inside, the oil pollution is more serious.

Hipot Test Set.png

The dry-type test transformer has a large number of iron cores inside, so the test is more convenient, but because it is integrally formed, it is troublesome to maintain in the later stage. If the internal iron core is damaged, it is almost impossible to repair. At the same time, it is large and heavy. Generally, few people would consider buying this Model test transformer.

The gas-filled test transformer is insulated by SF6 insulating gas inside. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to move. It is very suitable for various field tests. However, if the internal SF6 gas leaks, it is easy to cause the instrument test effect to be unsatisfactory. Refill in time, but only the manufacturer has the conditions for refilling, so later maintenance is more difficult.

In general, the three test transformers have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the required voltage level is relatively small, you can consider a dry-type test transformer. If the test to be done is generally indoors, you can choose an oil transformer if you need to carry it. If the equipment is to be tested in the field, or the equipment needs to be moved frequently, it is recommended to use a gas-filled test transformer.

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