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AC and DC oil-immersed test transformer details

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The AC/DC oil-immersed test transformer uses advanced production equipment, adopts the new technology of coil winding epoxy vacuum casting and CD-type iron core. Compared with similar products of oil-immersed transformers, it significantly reduces the weight, volume, and quality. Improve the insulation strength and moisture resistance, and effectively weaken the magnetic leakage and greatly strengthen the transformer's ability to withstand the impact of the test short-circuit current. AC and DC oil-immersed test transformers are the basic test equipment for AC withstand voltage test used by a wide range of users such as power plants, power supply bureaus and scientific research institutions.

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1. The test personnel should do a good job division of responsibilities, set the safety distance of the test site, carefully check the grounding of the test product and the test transformer, and have a dedicated person to monitor the safety and observe the status of the test product.

2. The main parts of the tested product should be cleaned and kept dry to avoid damaging the tested product and causing errors in the test value.

3. For the test of large equipment, the air-lift test of the test transformer should generally be carried out first, that is, the voltage is boosted to the test voltage when the test product is not connected, so that the indication accuracy of the instrument can be checked and the ball spacing of the discharge ball gap should be adjusted.

4. During the withstand voltage test, the boost speed should not be too fast, and sudden pressure should be prevented, such as sudden closing of the voltage regulator when it is not at the zero position, and sudden power failure. Generally, the voltage regulator should be opened when the voltage regulator drops to the zero position. .

5. During the boost or withstand voltage test, if the following abnormal conditions are found, (1) the pointer of the voltage and ammeter swings greatly, (2) the tested product makes an abnormal sound, (3) the insulation is found to be burnt or If smoke occurs, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, the test should be stopped and the cause should be found out.

6. When using this product for high-voltage test, in addition to being familiar with this manual, the relevant standards and operating procedures must be strictly followed.

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