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How to use dry-type test transformer

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Use method of dry-type test transformer:

1. The input end of the test transformer control box is connected to the power supply 220V, the output end is connected to the input end of the transformer, the ground end of the control box and the high voltage tail end and ground end of the transformer are grounded together.

2. Connect the high-voltage silicon stack to the high-voltage output end of the transformer, connect the high-voltage digital micro-ammeter to the pile head of the high-voltage silicon pile, and connect the high-voltage filter capacitor high-voltage head to the pile head of the high-voltage silicon pile. (If you make a cable Leakage test, the high-voltage filter capacitor can not be connected), the high-voltage digital micro-ammeter output line is connected to the tested product, (digital micro-ampere meter output should be suspended), the other end of the tested product, the ground terminal of the filter capacitor and the discharge rod The ground terminals are all grounded.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

3. The voltage regulator of the control box must be adjusted to the zero position before the power is turned on, (if the voltage regulator is not in the zero position, it cannot be started) After the power is turned on, the green indicator light is on, press the start button, and the red indicator light is on to indicate that the transformer is energized. Wait for the boost.)

4. Rotate the regulator handle clockwise at a constant speed to increase the pressure, and pay close attention to the instrument, the high-voltage digital micro-ammeter and the test product.

5.After the high-voltage test is completed, the high-voltage should be reduced to below 20KV at a uniform speed within 5 seconds, and then press the disconnect button and cut off the power supply.Unless the test permits, it is never allowed to suddenly cut off the power.

5. Cut off the power supply, and use the high-voltage head of the discharge rod to touch the high-voltage head of the high-voltage filter capacitor or the upper pile head of the high-voltage silicon stack to discharge. When discharging, there will be a "squeak" sound, and then use the discharge rod after the discharge is over. The grounding terminal of the high voltage filter capacitor discharges to ensure personal safety.

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