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Precautions for high-voltage test transformers

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Precautions for high-voltage test transformers:

1. Connect the working circuit according to your test. The shell of the test transformer and the shell of the operating system must be reliably grounded. The x-end (high-voltage tail) of the high-voltage winding of the test transformer and the F-end of the measuring winding must be reliably grounded.

2. When doing a cascade test, the X end of the low voltage winding of the second and third test transformers, the F end of the measuring winding and the X end of the high voltage winding (high voltage tail) are all connected to the outer shell of the test transformer of this level. The outer shell of the secondary and tertiary test transformers must be grounded through the insulating support.

Hipot Test Set.png

3. Before turning on the power, the voltage regulator of the operating system must be adjusted to the zero position before turning on the power, closing the switch and starting the boost.

4. From scratch, evenly rotate the handwheel of the pressure regulator to increase the pressure. The boosting methods are: fast boosting method, namely 20S step-by-step boosting method; slow boosting method, namely 60S step-by-step boosting method; extremely slow boosting method for selection. If the indication of the measuring instrument and the condition of the tested product are found to be abnormal during the boosting process or the test process, the voltage should be reduced immediately, the power supply should be cut off, and the situation should be checked.

5. After the test, the voltage regulator should be returned to the zero position at a constant speed within a few seconds, and then the power supply should be cut off.

6. This product may be used beyond the rated parameters. Except as necessary for the test, it is never allowed to energize or de-energize at full voltage.

7. When using this product for high voltage test, in addition to being familiar with this instruction, it must also strictly implement the relevant national standards and operating procedures

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