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Precautions for transformation ratio tester

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Precautions for automatic transformation ratio tester

1. During the measurement period, people should never touch the sample.

2. If the test line is short-circuited and the high and low voltages are reversed, the fuse will be blown. After the fuse is blown, if the measurement is performed, the LCD screen will display the words "Measuring, please wait!", and then stop. At this time, please turn off the machine, replace the fuse with the same capacity, and retest.

3. Keep the wiring in good contact, and the instrument should be well grounded!

Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR).png

4. The working place of the instrument should be far away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field and high frequency equipment. The smaller the power supply interference, the better, and the lighting line should be used. If the power supply interference is still large, the instrument can be powered by the AC purification power supply. The capacity of the AC purification power supply is greater than 200VA.

5. When the instrument is working, if the LCD screen display is disordered, and there is no response when pressing all the buttons, or the measured value is far from the actual value, please press the reset button, or turn off the power, and then operate again.

6. If there is no character display on the LCD screen, or the color is very light, you can adjust the brightness potentiometer to a suitable position.

7. When working in a dark place, you can turn on the backlight.

8. The instrument should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. If it is not used for a long time or the environment is humid, the preheating time should be extended to remove moisture before use.

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