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Dry-type test transformer test procedure

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Dry-type test transformers play an obvious role in high-voltage testing and are one of the most frequently used instruments and equipment by the majority of testers. Let's briefly understand the standard test procedures of dry-type test transformers to help you improve the efficiency of test and testing.

1. Single use of dry-type test transformer

1. Before the test, the “┻” end of the high-voltage tail of the test transformer should be reliably grounded, otherwise the safety of people and equipment will be endangered.

2. Before operation, you must be familiar with the electrical principles and usage methods of the test transformer and power control box.

3. Connect according to the wiring diagram.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

4. The preparation work and safety measures are in place, and the equipment shall be tested once in an empty space.

5. Connect the test product.

6. Turn on the power supply, and the power indicator of the control box (station) is on.

7. Press the closing button, the closing indicator light is on.

8. Evenly pressurize clockwise, and watch the stage voltage amplitude reached by the voltmeter and the condition of the tested product until the rated test voltage.

9. Continue to specify the withstand voltage time and watch the ammeter and the tested product.

10. When the withstand voltage time is up, watch the kV meter and quickly reset the voltage regulator to zero.

11. Use a discharge rod to discharge through the resistance, and then directly ground the discharge.

12. The high-voltage part may be discharged one by one by the charging part, change or remove the high-voltage line lead, so far, the (phase) test is terminated.

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