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How to maintain dry-type transformers

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Type transformers mainly rely on air convection cooling equipment. Therefore, it has good heat dissipation performance and good environmental usability. Therefore, simple dry-type transformers are generally introduced into every corner of people's lives with their unique advantages. , How do users maintain high-quality and reliable dry-type transformers to extend their service life?

First: pay attention to the core inspection

The user should pay attention to the use of clean compressed air and oxygen to purge the core of the equipment, the surface and the gap of the fixture to effectively remove the foreign matter in the equipment. In addition, the user should also pay attention to carefully check the fixture of the equipment, tension bolts, fixing bolts and internal Whether the screw is loose, if the core and surface coating of the clip are damaged, the user needs to repair it with the same color paint in time

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

Two: pay attention to the maintenance of the coil

The user should pay attention to regularly check whether the lead of the weather-resistant dry-type transformer is intact, whether there is deformation, brittleness, and lead-free lines. In addition, the user should pay attention to testing the dry transformer leads and overheated joints, and whether the lead connector is reliable. When it is found that the insulation layer of the coil is deformed and becomes brittle, it needs to be replaced in time

Third: pay attention to electrical connections

According to research, during the operation of a reliable dry-type transformer, the user has a certain contact pressure in the electrical connection to ensure good electrical conductivity of the equipment. In addition, the user should carefully check the low-voltage lead wire and connection bus of the dry-type transformer, and the high-voltage Effective connection between terminals and high-voltage cable terminals.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned problems that users need to pay attention to when using dry-type transformers, users also need to carefully check whether all equipped fans can be turned on and off at the same time. Moreover, the transformer recommended for reactor manufacturers cannot be long from manufacture to start-up. Time is separated to avoid equipment insulation and subsequent use effects.

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