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How to use dry test transformer

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Before using the high-voltage test equipment, you must understand the method of use and precautions before operating it, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel.

1. Before use, you must read the operating instructions of the transformer and the operating instructions of the matching control box (set) in detail. Connect the connecting wire according to the manual, and the grounding wire should be well grounded.

2. The power supply of the dry-type transformer control box (set) is AC 220V and 380V respectively, which are output to the low-voltage side input end of the transformer through a voltage regulator. After the transformation ratio, the continuously adjustable rated voltage value is output.

Hipot Test Set (Dry Type).png

3. Considering the safety of dry-type test transformers and the rigor of high-voltage test to avoid damage to equipment or test products, our factory can provide a complete set of equipment as shown in the figure below to satisfy users

The complete set of equipment includes: high voltage test transformer, transformer control box (set), voltage divider, ball gap protector, discharge rod, high voltage oil cup, high voltage silicon stack (for DC test).

4. When doing DC withstand voltage or leakage current test, you can first spin the high-voltage silicon stack, microammeter, on the high-voltage output end of the high-voltage test transformer, and then gradually boost the voltage to perform the DC test.

5. When two test transformers are connected in series (the schematic diagram is as follows), the rated output voltages of the first and second transformers are equal, and the ratio of their capacities is 2:1, and the second transformer must be placed on an insulating support , To ensure insulation to the ground. The output voltage after cascade is 2V, and V is the rated output voltage of each transformer. When connecting in series, pay attention to the marks on the transformer and make the polarity connection correct to ensure that the predetermined voltage is output. Otherwise, the output voltage is zero.

6. When cascade wiring is not used, the two transformers can each be used as independent dry-type test transformers.

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