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Operation steps of high voltage test transformer

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The voltage test transformer is suitable for conducting insulation strength experiments under power frequency or DC high voltage on various high and low voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, and insulating materials. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and has no oil penetration. There are four types: AC, AC series, AC and DC, and AC tributary series.

The test transformer is a new type of high-voltage test equipment. This series of products adopts a single-frame core iron core structure. The primary winding and the high-voltage winding are coaxially wound on the iron core to reduce the leakage flux and increase the coupling between the windings. The product has a compact overall structure, strong versatility, and easy to use and carry. It is suitable for power systems and power users to test the insulation performance of various high-voltage electrical equipment on-site. It is a test instrument for power equipment testing and preventive testing institutes.

Hipot Test Set.png

In addition to the AC power frequency withstand voltage test, the transformer can be assembled into a DC high-voltage test device if it is equipped with capacitors, silicon stacks and high-voltage DC microammeters of the same voltage level and the same capacity, which can measure high-voltage DC leakage current.


1. Connect the lead wires according to the wiring schematic diagram, and reliably ground the transformer and the control box;

2. Before the test, check whether the wiring of each part is in good contact, and check whether the voltage regulator of the control box is adjusted to the "zero" position;

3. Turn on the power, the green indicator light is on, press the start button, the red indicator light is on, indicating that the transformer is energized and waiting for the boost;

4. Rotate the handle of the voltage regulator clockwise at a constant speed to increase the pressure, and pay close attention to the indication of the instrument and the condition of the test product;

5. After the high-voltage test transformer is tested, the voltage should be quickly reduced to zero, and the stop button should be pressed, then the power supply should be cut off and the test lead should be untied.

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