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Three-channel DC resistance tester wiring

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Electric workers often need to test the DC resistance value of power transformers during their work, and they need a DC resistance tester. In order to meet the needs of the majority of power workers, our company has withdrawn from the three-phase DC resistance tester. Compared with the ordinary DC resistance tester, it realizes the functions of three-phase simultaneous power-on, independent current sampling, voltage sampling, and simultaneous measurement and display of three-phase resistance and three-phase unbalance rate, which greatly shortens the test of transformer DC resistance Time, the long time-consuming test of the DC resistance of each tap winding of the power transformer is solved, and the time required is only 1/3 of the traditional method. The following will introduce how to connect the device.

Three-circuit Transformer DC Resistance Tester.png

The DC resistance tester is a necessary test item for semi-finished products and finished products in the design and manufacture of transformers for factory test, installation, handover test, and preventive environmental test by power enterprise departments. It can effectively study and find that different parts of the transformer coil are selected, welded, and connected. Manufacturing technical defects such as loosening, lack of stock, and wire breakage and hidden dangers after operation. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of measurement of DC resistance of transformers in our country, our company has developed a DC resistance tester for YN connection windings. The direct resistance meter realizes three simultaneous power-on, independent control of current signal sampling and voltage data sampling. At the same time, we measure and display the three-phase resistance value and the three-phase unbalance rate function, which greatly shortens the test activity time of the transformer DC resistance , It solves the problem of long time-consuming test for the DC resistance of each tap winding of the power electronic transformer, and the required learning time cost is only 1/3 of the traditional Chinese teaching method.

Channel wiring: The test item is connected to a dedicated line by the test terminal to connect to the unit, which is firmly connected and grounded. Single-channel direct measurement wiring. Three-channel direct measurement wiring. Direct resistance measurement can be performed in three stages of AO, BO and CO at the same time.

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