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Trouble shooting of variable ratio group tester

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The transformation ratio group tester often fails: the indicator light of the ground resistance tester does not move, or the indicator light of the battery voltage and ground resistance tester does not move. The transformation ratio group tester uses a transformation ratio bridge to measure the ratio of the transformer. The operation process is cumbersome and the measurement range is narrow. It is no longer suitable for the fast-paced and high-efficiency requirements of modern measurement. For this reason, our company has developed a new generation of transformer ratio group tester using modern electronic technology. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high precision and good stability. The automatic proportional group tester adopts large-screen Chinese character display, menu operation and friendly interface. Changing the ratio group can be done in one go. The transformer ratio group tester is an ideal test instrument for the electric power industry.

Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR).png

Cause of failure: It may be caused by the hub burned out or the hub disconnected from the circuit board. This is also due to excessive vibration of the ground resistance tester during use or transportation.

Eliminate the fault: open the head panel, manual pointers and other pointers can not automatically return to zero, indicating that the head has been damaged; otherwise, you must use a multimeter to weld the head and measure it with a resistance file. If it is opened, it means that the head has been B. Burned out. Then, use the current and voltage range of the multimeter to measure the connector that was originally connected to the meter, and use the ground resistance tester to check the voltage button. When the multimeter has a voltage indication, it means that the fault of the ground resistance tester is damaged by the e instrument head, and the new instrument head can be repaired after replacement; if the instrument head is in good condition, open the case of the ground resistance tester, and check the instrument head after disconnecting Connection.

It is very important that the ratio group tester uses ordinary DC bus when starting up. It must fully consider inverter control, transmission failure, load characteristics and maintenance of the main input circuit. The scheme consists of a three-phase feeder, a DC bus, a general frequency converter, a general braking unit or an energy feedback device.

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