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How to troubleshoot the transformer ratio tester

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Industry personnel must first go through the replacement and repair of damaged, damaged, deformed, rusted, abraded, fractured, loose, and leaking parts and components. To reset according to the original procedure, pay attention to the front and back and the up and down direction can not be reversed. The installation accuracy must be ensured within the tolerance scale, and the automatic ratio tester is required to be in a horizontal state (zero position) cannot be omitted. When using lubricating oil, pay attention to the type of lubricating oil used and the order of lubrication and do not reverse it.

Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR).png

Secondly, after analyzing and judging the situation of the transformer ratio tester. If there is a problem, it can be disassembled, and the installation and connection of various parts must be carefully observed before proceeding; installation accuracy and disassembly procedures, and the disassembly of messy parts must be recorded to prevent it from appearing during recovery. Negligence, do not forcibly disassemble parts that are not easy to disassemble. Rubber plastic or wooden hammer should be used, and lightly tap to loosen it before disassembling.

Parts of different materials such as metal, rubber, glass, magnetics, etc. should be stored separately, while avoiding throwing them away. Especially after being magnetized, it will affect the use. Never dismantle parts that are not necessary to be dismantled easily. If you are not sure to solve the problem, please ask professional machinery to repair it.

Then, the pointer deformation, the scale ruler wear, the paint peeling off, the blurring, the display electrical signal interruption or the electrical parameter abnormality that affect the normal display and accurate reading should be replaced.

Then after the correction, installation and commissioning, it is necessary to carry out no-load and real-load trial operation. For those that directly affect the measurement readings, please mark: verification by the measurement department to ensure that the data detected by the ratio tester and the performance parameters of the instrument meet the requirements. Judgment should be made on the operation and use, and should be recorded and archived.

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