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How to correctly test the relay protection tester

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The microcomputer relay protection tester can be used for differential protection. It contains rich software test functions: voltage/current, time test, frequency/slip test, harmonic superposition, fault reproduction, state sequence, whole group test, line protection setting Value verification, impedance/directional relay, power oscillation, differential protection, automatic quasi-synchronization, conventional relay testing, inverse time relay characteristics, metering instruments, etc.

Protection Relay Test Set.png

Before the test, the voltage of the side to be merged does not meet the condition of the same period (lower or higher than the voltage of the system side). If the frequency meets the condition but is not equal, the angular difference energy on both sides can be turned on and off periodically . The lift signal and the suppression signal of the synchronization device are respectively connected to the testers A and a. During the test, because the voltage does not meet the synchronization conditions, the device does not send a closing signal, but periodically sends out an "up (down)" signal. At this time, the tester will be able to measure the voltage regulation pulse under this pressure difference. Width and voltage regulation period. Generally, the voltage regulation pulse width has a linear relationship with the pressure difference.

FM pulse width test method:

Before the test, the voltages of both parties are set to meet the conditions of the same cycle, but the frequency does not meet the conditions of the same cycle (lower or higher than the frequency of the side to be combined). Connect the upper and lower frequency signals of the synchronization device to the tester and switch to B and B respectively. In the test, because the frequency does not meet the conditions of the same period, the device does not send the shutdown signal, but periodically sends the "uplink (downlink) frequency" signal. At this time, the tester will be able to measure the FM pulse under this frequency difference. Wide and frequency modulation period. Generally, there is a linear relationship between the frequency difference and the FM pulse width.

The voltage-modulated pulse width test and the frequency-modulated pulse width test of the three-phase relay protection tester are relatively conventional high-voltage power experiments. Power workers need to master them in practice. During the test, you need to read the product description and use it in strict accordance with the instructions.

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