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Troubleshooting of On-load Switch Tester

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1. Check whether the wiring of the test line is correct.

2. When using the instrument, after connecting it to the power supply, turn it on and warm it up for 3 minutes.

3. When the transformer on-load tap changer tester malfunctions or starts abnormally, press the "reset" button to terminate the test, and perform the test after inspection and adjustment.

4. The transformer on-load tap-changer tester is in the test state without being reset. The power supply must not be turned off or the power supply line is open.

5. When changing paper, be sure to turn off the power of the instrument before changing paper.

Transformer On-Load Tap-Changer Tester.png

6. When there is no action on the tap changer, the instrument starts to measure the wrong action, and the handling method:

1) Turn on the zero point grounding switch of the transformer.

2) Disconnect the high and low ends of the transformer from the busbar connection wires.

3) Re-operate.

Common fault treatment of transformer on-load tap changer tester:

1. No display after booting: check whether the AC220V power supply is connected; replace the fuse.

2. The display is chaotic after the instrument is turned on: turn it off and restart it for one minute.

3. After confirming the selection, please wait for the instrument to appear in the waiting state: check whether the test wire is connected well; check whether the wire clamp is in good contact.

4. The printer does not print: check whether the printing paper is installed properly

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