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Working principle of insulation resistance tester

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An instrument used to measure the insulation of other instruments in the form of resistance. Because most insulators in life are not insulated, the instrument can measure current and calculate resistance by applying high-voltage direct current to the insulator. The working voltage is generally 250~1000V, and the qualified insulator resistance is generally higher than 2 Mega Ohm (times).

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working principle:

It is composed of medium and large-scale integrated circuits. This watch has large output power, high short-circuit current value, and multiple output voltage levels (there are four voltage levels). The working principle is that the DC high voltage generated by the internal battery as the power source through the DC/DC conversion passes from the E pole to the L pole through the tested product, thereby generating a current from E to L pole, which is completed by the divider through the I/V conversion. The calculation directly displays the measured insulation resistance value on the LCD.


①The calibration voltage of MΩ range is 0.5kV, and the calibration voltage of GΩ range is 2.5kV.

②The test voltage range to ensure the accuracy of resistance measurement: more than 20% of the nominal value of the voltage range.

③When the test voltage is higher than 8kV, in order to accurately measure the resistance higher than 20GΩ, the high-voltage electrode conductor exposed in the air should be shielded to avoid the influence of air ionization.

④The 2000GΩ range is the reference range and is used in a dry environment where the relative humidity is less than 70%.

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