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Operating procedure of loop resistance tester

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The loop resistance tester is a high-precision, digital switch testing instrument carefully developed in accordance with IEC standards and relevant national regulations, using its own technical advantages. The instrument uses sine wave inverter, high-power constant current switching power supply technology, and can measure micro-ohm contact resistance. It is widely used in the measurement of contact resistance, loop resistance of various switches and electrical appliances, and contact resistance of cables, wires and welds.

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Operating procedure:

⒈Connect according to the four-terminal connection.

⒉Turn on the power.

⒊Press the measurement key (if the current display A value is less than 100A, you can calibrate it through the panel current fine-tuning).

⒋After measuring the displayed value, save the data.

⒌After the measurement is over, please turn off the power.

⒍Please take good care of the test clamp.

Note for loop resistance tester:

1. Before turning on the power switch, the test button should be popped up (in the non-test state), and the current adjustment button should be turned counterclockwise to "zero".

2. The instrument should be placed in a dry, ventilated room without corrosive gas.

3. After the test, be sure to wait for the power supply to be discharged before removing the test line and other devices.

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