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Insulation resistance tester and megohmmeter

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Friends who are new to power equipment and instruments have always had questions about the names of insulation resistance testers, megohmmeters, and shake meters. Are they the same kind of instrument? From the name alone, it seems that there is no connection between them. But in fact, these three names all refer to instruments of the same concept.

It can be said that the megohmmeter is a collective term for insulation resistance testers and shake meters, and their functions are also used to measure the insulation resistance of power lines or power equipment. What is the difference between the different names of megohmmeters?

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Simply put, their biggest difference: one is automatic, the other is manual.

The insulation resistance tester is also called a digital megohmmeter. Use pointers or numbers to display the insulation resistance value, the instrument can automatically increase and decrease the voltage, and the measurement of insulation resistance, polarization index and absorption ratio are all automatically completed. Each meter has at least two rated voltages. Due to the high degree of automation, it is easy to use It is more convenient and the test accuracy is higher.

The shaker is a pointer type megohmmeter. It needs to manually raise and lower the voltage during measurement. The artificial speed is used to generate a rated voltage. When the artificial speed becomes stable, a relatively stable rated voltage can be obtained, so the operation is more troublesome. Due to manual operation, the measurement error is large and the accuracy is not high. Moreover, for the measurement of the absorption ratio, it needs to be manually shaken for 1 minute to read the value and then the calculation is performed, and the hand shake time for measuring the polarization index is as long as 10 minutes, so it is very inconvenient to use.

Due to the difference in the use of insulation resistance testers and shake meters, their application ranges are also different. Insulation resistance tester is a meter in the power sector in electric power, communication, electromechanical installation, and industrial enterprises. The shaking table is widely used in coal mine installation and maintenance, checking the insulation of motors, electrical appliances and circuits, and measuring high-value resistance.

In general, the names of insulation resistance tester, megohmmeter, and shaker are all instruments with the same concept but with small differences.

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