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The role of insulation resistance tester

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The role of insulation resistance tester

Insulation resistance meters are commonly called megohm meters, or shake meters, high resistance meters, insulation resistance testers, etc. Insulation resistance meters are widely used in power websites and electrical equipment insulation resistance testing instruments, which are of great significance to ensure product quality and personal and equipment safety during operation. The insulation performance of electrical products is one of the important indicators for evaluating the quality of their insulation. One, it is reflected by the insulation resistance.

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The insulation resistance meter is mainly composed of three parts:

The first is a DC high voltage generator, which is used to generate a DC high voltage.

The second is the measurement loop.

The third is display.

The role of insulation resistance test:

By testing the insulation resistance of different components in the system (transformers, switchgear, wires, motors), technicians can isolate and repair faulty components.

Technicians use tests to verify the high insulation resistance between wires and ground or adjacent wires. Two common examples are testing the insulation between the motor windings and the motor base, and checking the resistance between the phase conductor and the ground wire/cage.

Before powering on the system, use the insulation test to verify that it is sound and can improve the performance of the system; the insulation test can find manufacturing process problems and equipment defects, which are generally not found before the equipment fails. In the European Union, this test is mandatory, even for the smallest civil systems.

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