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Grounding method of grounding resistance tester

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The grounding resistance tester explains the importance of grounding methods:

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1. When some users use a three-core socket (head), they only connect the neutral line to the left end of the socket, and the right end to the phase line. The grounding end is left unused; some users connect the phase and neutral lines in the socket reversely. Although this has no effect when the electrical equipment is normal, it loses its safety protection function. Once the electrical equipment leaks, an electric shock may occur.

2. The ground terminal of the socket of the ground resistance tester is directly connected to the zero terminal. This is actually to use the working neutral line as a protective neutral line. However, if this wiring method encounters the reverse connection of the phase and neutral lines, there are fuse, switch and other equipment on the working neutral line. Once the neutral line is disconnected, Would be very dangerous. Therefore, the protective grounding wire cannot be shared with the neutral wire.

3. Some users of the grounding resistance tester insert an iron wire or steel bar into the ground. Regardless of whether the grounding resistance is suitable, they use a wire to connect it to the metal casing of household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. These are not up to the requirements.

4. Users of high-rise residential buildings with grounding resistance tester even use water pipes or gas pipes as grounding bodies, which is quite dangerous. Because the surface of water pipes and gas pipes are coated with anti-corrosion paint, in addition, the joints of water pipes are sealed with plastic raw material tape, and some underground parts of water pipes are made of PVC pipes, and these are bad Conductors, there is no guarantee of safety at all. If the gas pipeline is used as the grounding body, if an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

In order to ensure personal safety and the normal use of electrical equipment, the power supply department must provide a stable quality power distribution network and a set of safe, reliable, fast and sensitive equipment protection devices; the construction department must have a skilled construction team; the electrical equipment manufacturer must provide Products and perfect services; users must also master a certain amount of common sense of safe electricity use and establish a strong sense of self-protection. Only when all parties work together can electrical equipment be fully, effectively and safely used in our daily lives.

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