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Failure analysis of loop resistance tester

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With the development of industry, the role of high-quality loop resistance testers in industrial production is becoming more and more important. In specific production, the best loop resistance testers can measure contact resistance to obtain certain parameters, which can guarantee The safe use of various equipment prevents a series of serious accidents. In the process of using, the loop resistance tester will have some failures, which requires the relevant technical personnel to master certain solutions.

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1. If there is no display when the well-known circuit resistance tester is turned on, the general possible cause is that the power is not turned on. Wait for the technician to check again after turning on the power. If this problem still occurs, look for other solutions.

2. High-level loop resistance tester. When the output current does not reach 200A, it may be because the entire line tested is too long. In other words, it is because the cross-section of the wire is too small. At this time, relevant personnel need to replace the wire. Type of wire with larger cross-section.

3. There is also a situation that there is no current output when the equipment is working. At this time, the equipment may be in an open circuit state, and the equipment should be repaired and checked in time to eliminate the fault.

When there is a series of failures in other areas, you should report to relevant professionals for emergency repair while self-checking. The loop resistance tester of good quality should be carefully used in every detail during use, and don't make mistakes in the use process. This leads to dangerous situations in the whole process. The instrument should be placed in a dry location. After the use is completed, the test line and other components should be removed after the power supply is fully determined to ensure the absolute safety of the use and storage process, so that the maximum function of the instrument can be exerted.

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