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Instrument maintenance of DC resistance tester

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In order to meet the needs of rapid measurement of transformer DC resistance, the DC resistance tester adopts new power supply technology, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large output current, good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability, and perfect protection function. The whole machine is controlled by a high-speed single-chip microcomputer, with a high degree of automation, with automatic discharge and discharge alarm functions. The instrument has high test accuracy and easy operation, which can realize the rapid measurement of transformer direct resistance.

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The printer equipped with the instrument has a paper roll installed at the factory. When the paper roll in the printer is used up, a new paper roll needs to be installed. The specific installation process is as follows:

(1) Remove the front cover of the printer;

(2) Remove the entire printer from the instrument panel, clamp the movable tongues on both sides of the printer with your fingers, and gently remove the entire printer from the instrument panel. Note that before removing the printer, be sure to turn off the printer Power supply;

(3) Remove the paper roll from the printer;

(4) Put the new paper roll on the paper roll, and put the paper roll into the guide slot of the printer, so that it will not fall out;

(5) Cut the printing paper head into a cone shape;

(6) Turn on the printer's power, press the SEL button to turn off the SEL indicator, and then press the LF button to rotate the machine head. At this time, feed the paper head into the paper inlet under the machine head by hand, and the paper will quickly Enter the nose until it emerges from the front of the nose. The exposure must have a certain length, and then press the SEL or LF key again to stop feeding the paper. Turn off the power, close the front cover of the printer, and pass the head of the printing paper out of the exit of the front cover;

(7) Install the entire printer back on the instrument panel;

How to use the DC resistance tester:

A: DC power supply test:

Close the main power switch, the corresponding indicator light is on, press the "start-stop" button, you can start the test. After the test is completed, press the "reset button", the instrument displays "discharging", wait for the instrument to return to the power-on interface, turn off the main power switch, the corresponding indicator light goes out, and then change the test clamp to test again.

B. AC power test:

Connect the AC AC220V power supply, the "charging" indicator light is on, and the main power switch is closed. The specific operation is the same as that of the DC power supply. Special attention: After the test is completed, you must press the "reset button" to return to the start-up interface before the instrument can be shut down for the next test.

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