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How to use loop resistance tester correctly

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1. Description of LCD display of loop resistance tester

This instrument adopts 240×128 high resolution gray backlit liquid crystal display LCD, which can display clearly even in strong sunlight. Parameter settings and test results are displayed on the LCD screen. Full Chinese character operation interface, clear graphics, beautiful and easy to operate.

2. Instructions for turning the mouse

The function of rotating the mouse is similar to the mouse used on the computer. It has three operations: "left", "right", and "click to select". Through these three operations of the mouse, functions such as cursor movement, data input and operation selection can be realized.

Micro Ohmmeter.png

Move the cursor: Move the cursor by turning the mouse left or right, move the cursor to the option to be selected, and "click" the knob to select the item.

Data input: When you need to modify or input data, move the cursor to the option that needs to modify the data, and click the mouse to enter the data modification operation (the cursor is zoomed out to the modified position), and turn the mouse left or right. To increase or decrease the bit, click the mouse to confirm the modification of the bit. Rotate the mouse to enter the next modification. After the bit-by-bit modification is completed, the cursor increases to a full cursor, that is, the data modification operation is exited. At this time, the cursor can be moved away by rotating the mouse.

3. Correct wiring of the loop resistance tester


① The connection between the instrument panel and the test wire should be tightened, and there should be no looseness.

②The wiring should be in accordance with the four-terminal method, that is, the current line should be clamped on the outside of the tested product, the voltage line should be clamped on the inside of the tested product, and the current and voltage must have the same polarity.

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