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Charging method of zinc oxide arrester tester

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The zinc oxide arrester tester is simple to operate and easy to use. The whole measurement process is controlled by a microcomputer. It can measure the fundamental wave, 3rd harmonic, 5th harmonic, and 7th harmonic of the full current of the zinc oxide arrester, and the fundamental wave of voltage. 3rd harmonic, 5th harmonic, 7th harmonic, fundamental wave of resistive current, 3rd harmonic, 5th harmonic, 7th harmonic, resistive current positive peak, resistive current negative peak, capacitance Characteristic current, active power, reactive power, phase angle difference, the large screen can display the true waveforms of voltage and current. The instrument uses digital waveform analysis technology and uses software anti-interference methods such as harmonic analysis and digital filtering to make the measurement results accurate and stable. It can accurately analyze the content of the fundamental wave and the 3rd to 7th harmonics, and can overcome the influence of interphase interference. Measure the resistive current of the side-phase arrester.

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Correct charging method

1. Host charging method (built-in charger):

Connect the AC220V/50Hz power supply with the power cord. It is required to charge for more than 3 hours in the off state. When the power is turned on, you can observe whether the power icon indicates whether it is full. During use, the battery icon indicates the battery level.

2. Charging method of wireless current clamp:

Use the random charger to charge. It is required to charge for more than 1 hour in the off state, and then you can see the charger's red light turns to green when it is fully charged. During use, the power indicator light is always on to indicate normal power; when the power indicator flashes or does not light, it indicates that the power is low.

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