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Advantages of loop resistance tester

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Loop resistance testing technology plays a very important role in electronic and electrical support. For example, in technical support and maintenance work, it is often necessary to measure the resistance of the line. Regularly conduct resistance detection on contacts, such as contactors, relays, switches, buttons, and equipment with high failure rates, so that the contact resistance value of the contacts is controlled within a certain range, so that the operator can grasp the change of the resistance value of the equipment, and eliminate the budding state failure. The resistance of this type of resistor is usually micro-Euclidean and cannot be measured with a multimeter. The loop resistance tester designed this time has the advantages of high accuracy, simple operation, stable reading, good reliability, etc., and has strong practicability.

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The loop resistance tester has high stability: in the case of severe interference, the data on the LCD display can be stabilized within ±1 word, the reading is stable, and the repeatability is good.

High-precision loop resistance tester: The loop resistance tester uses dual high-speed 16-bit AD sampling and new digital signal processing technology with a resolution of 0.01_uuu.

Intelligent circuit resistance tester: When the circuit resistance tester uses imported high-performance CPU, the system automatically switches the measurement range according to the signal size to ensure the test accuracy of the product. The over-temperature protection circuit can automatically stop the output current when the meter exceeds the set temperature to ensure the safety of the meter.

High-quality circuit resistance tester: all key components are imported components. Through the cleverly designed temperature compensation circuit, the influence of ambient temperature on the measurement results is effectively eliminated, and the anti-vibration performance of the joint is improved.

The loop resistance tester is powerful: the current can be freely selected in the range of 50A to 100A, and the test time can be set arbitrarily in the range of 5S to 60S, which overcomes the inability of other similar instruments to set the measurement time or the working time is too short, far exceeding Performance disadvantages. NCE of other similar instruments.

The loop resistance tester has a friendly man-machine interface: the circuit resistance tester can input data through the mouse, which is convenient and quick. It can independently set the data and time of the instrument, save the measurement data in real time, and print the measurement results in real time. Various communication methods: The loop resistance tester can communicate with the computer through the RS232 serial port (9-pin) and USB data cable, and upload the measurement data to the computer for further analysis and processing by the tester.

Application range of the loop resistance tester: The loop resistance tester is suitable for testing the contact resistance of the main contact of high and low voltage switches, testing the DC resistance of high and low voltage cable lines, and testing the resistance of any ultra-low resistance non-inductive electrical appliances. The test process of the circuit resistance tester is controlled by a microcomputer and realized automatically. It has the advantages of text prompt, friendly man-machine interface, high precision, simple operation and simple operation.

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