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4 major features of insulation resistance tester

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There are many other names for insulation resistance testers, but the most common names are megohmmeters and intelligent insulation resistance testers. Insulation resistance testers are mainly used in the power sector, and insulation resistance testers are mainly used for measurement. Insulation resistance testing of transformers, large-capacity transformers, high-voltage motors, generators and lightning arresters. As far as the current Chinese market is concerned, the popular insulation resistance tester is a self-developed pointer insulation resistance tester. The insulation resistance tester adopts the world’s most advanced embedded industrial single-chip real-time operating system and is ultra-thin. The silk meter and the graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display are perfectly combined into one, with a high degree of intelligence and a strong ability to independently shield external interference factors.

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The advantages of the insulation resistance tester compared with other insulation resistance testers on the market are still very obvious, which are more specific in the following points:

1. The ingenious design of the perfect combination of mechanical watch head and LCD screen. The design of the color scale is more user-friendly and easy to identify, and it is also equipped with LED to display the corresponding color, making the identification more intuitive;

2. The insulation resistance tester has four levels of voltage to choose from: 500V, 1,000V, 2,500V, and 5,000V. The resistance measurement range is 0~200GΩ, and the resistance range of this range The range can be automatically converted, and there are corresponding signal indications;

3. The insulation resistance tester also has the function of both AC and DC. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter. The insulation resistance tester is designed to be portable and very suitable for operation in the field.

4. The humanized operation interface design makes the operation more convenient. Various measurement results have the function of preventing power failure, which greatly improves the accuracy of the measurement. The measurement results can be stored for up to 20 times and 20 times continuously When the instrument generates high voltage, it can promptly sound the prompt sound, which greatly increases the safety of the instrument and the operator.

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