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How to choose a suitable circuit breaker tester?

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The circuit breaker tester (also called the high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester) must provide accurate and repeatable results in order to be able to compare with previous tests and predict the breaker before it fails, due to the time the circuit breaker does not work Very short, so the circuit breaker tester must provide the shortest set-up and connection time, as well as the smallest test complexity. Therefore, a circuit breaker tester must also be designed to save test time and provide a unique combination of functions that effectively optimizes results and methods.

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The circuit breaker tester is used to check the operation and condition of the circuit breaker in the power system; for this, the circuit breaker tester applies different signals, which are used to test the equipment under a series of system conditions or operation types. At the same time, the circuit breaker The tester must have the ability to capture and measure, so as to be able to evaluate its condition and verify its proper and expected performance; the circuit breaker tester is also a powerful tool for solving faulty circuit breakers.


The circuit breaker tester can be used exclusively for medium/high voltage circuit breakers, and can also be used for low voltage circuit breakers. But the multi-function circuit breaker tester can be used for both types at the same time, such as high current injection systems and micro-ohmmeters.

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