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Precautions for double clamp phase meter?

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The dual clamp phase meter is a portable meter with a variety of power measurement functions. The major feature of this meter is that it can measure the phase between two voltages, between two currents, and between voltage and current.

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The digital dual clamp phase meter is a high-precision, low-cost, portable handheld, dual-channel input measuring instrument designed specifically for on-site measurement of voltage, current and phase. With this meter, you can easily measure the phase between UU, II and UI on site, distinguish the phase sequence of inductive, capacitive circuits and three-phase voltage, detect the wiring group of the transformer, and test the secondary circuit and bus differential protection system. , Read the phase relationship between the CTs of each group of differential protection, check whether the wiring of the watt-hour meter is correct or not, etc. Clamp-on current transformer is used to input the current under test, so there is no need to disconnect the line under test during measurement. When measuring the phase between U1-U2, the two input circuits are completely insulated and isolated, so it completely avoids the possible short circuit of the line under test caused by miswiring, which may burn the measuring instrument. The display uses a high-contrast LCD screen and large characters to obtain visual effects.

Precautions before use:


1. Please read the following concise rules. Failure to comply with the following rules may cause danger. Please read the complete instructions for use for information about safety issues.

2. Before use, make sure that the meter and accessories are in good condition, and that the insulation layer of the meter and test line is not damaged, exposed or disconnected before it can be used. If the back cover of the meter and the battery cover are not properly covered, it is prohibited to use them. When the meter is in use, please stop using it when the casing or test wire is broken and the metal is exposed.

3. Do not use or replace the battery when the meter is wet. Do not use it in a strong electromagnetic environment to avoid affecting the normal operation of the instrument. Do not place or store the meter for a long time in a place with high temperature, humidity, condensation, or under direct sunlight. It is forbidden to test in flammable and hazardous locations.

Safety matters of double clamp phase meter ammeter:

1. Before testing, please confirm that the function switch has been set within the appropriate range. Pay attention to the measurement range and use environment specified by this instrument. It cannot be used to test voltages higher than 500V.

2. During the test, make sure that the connecting plug of the wire has been tightly inserted into the interface. Please pay attention to the direction when testing the phase. The test lead must be removed from the test lead before it can be unplugged from the meter. Do not touch the input jack with your hands to avoid electric shock.

3. The dual-clamp phase meter and current jaws must be regularly maintained and kept clean. Do not wipe the jaws with corrosive agents and rough objects. Avoid shocks to the current clamp, especially on the jaw joints.

4. If you do not use the meter for a long time, please take out the battery. When you need to replace the battery, please select an approved battery. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use, disassemble, calibrate and repair this meter without authorization.

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