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How to use the ratio tester?

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In the work of electric power workers, if they want to test the transformation ratio group of the transformer, they need to use the transformer transformation ratio tester. This device is simple to use and powerful. This article will give you a brief introduction to how to use the transformer transformation ratio tester. .

Multi-Function Transformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR).png

In the production and development process of semi-finished and finished power transformer enterprises, learning before the newly installed transformer is put into the market operation management and the economic operation design process of the transformer in the Chinese power information system can be based on the requirements of the preventive test technical regulations of the Ministry of Electricity Regularly organize the turns ratio or voltage ratio test of the transformer in operation. The traditional transformation ratio bridge operation process is cumbersome, the readings are not intuitive, and socially necessary conversions are required. The test and analysis results are only the value of one phase transformation ratio, and the three-phase transformation ratio must be measured phase by phase. The transformer ratio tester overcomes the shortcomings of a traditional ratio bridge test. The screen adopts one time to successfully complete the three-phase transformation ratio test, with fast test speed and high accuracy. It greatly saves the time of safety test activities at the construction site, and brings high efficiency to the customer's test.

When the three-phase transformer nameplate parameters are not clear, the meter can accurately measure the transformer ratio and the number of groups, but cannot accurately measure the wiring type, tap position and other parameters. The operation and description are as follows: connect the high and low voltage windings of the three-phase transformer to the high and low voltage ends of the instrument, turn on the instrument, directly select F1 test, and display "Testing", the test result shows that only the transformation ratio and the number of groups are accurate, because other The parameters are not clear. Therefore, the displayed turns ratio, error, split value, connection mode, etc. are not accurate data and cannot be used as a reference basis. If you know the high voltage mode, you can measure the actual connection group.

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