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What test does the DC high voltage generator do?

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The DC high-voltage generator is mainly used for the power sector of the power sector, steel industry, metallurgical industry, industrial and mining industry and other enterprises to conduct DC withstand voltage test on high-voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide arresters, power cables, transformers, and generators.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Take the DC high voltage generator as an example. The equipment uses a high-frequency voltage doubler circuit. Because the equipment uses a large voltage feedback, the output voltage is highly stable. When using a DC high voltage generator to conduct a DC withstand voltage test, the entire test process, the equipment voltage regulation is very smooth, the voltage regulation is fine, the accuracy and stability are high, and the voltage and current errors are very small. When boosting, the potentiometer is boosted from zero. The overvoltage protection adopts the dial code setting, which can be seen very clearly and the error is very small. Its pressure doubler uses new lighter and stronger materials, not only the exterior is coated with special insulating materials, but also the equipment has good electrical performance and strong moisture resistance. The integrated design and folding support feet make the instrument more convenient and stable to use during the test. Therefore, the DC high voltage generator is a very good instrument for DC withstand voltage test.

Electric workers need to pay attention to safety issues during the DC withstand voltage test using the DC high-voltage generator. They must be connected to the ground wire. After the test is completed, use the discharge. The rod discharge can not touch the test product immediately, and it must be gradually discharged. .

In a word, electric workers need to use a DC high voltage generator if they want to perform a DC withstand voltage test.

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