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What are the methods for high pressure test?

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1. About the system of power frequency AC test

The test method of power frequency AC high voltage is realized by the power supply controller, voltage regulator and protective ball gap, etc. In the whole system, the main function and role of the voltage regulator is to adjust the size and control of the power frequency test voltage The speed of voltage change.

2. Questions about DC withstand voltage and AC withstand voltage

There are problems in the low-frequency AC withstand voltage test system. Considering some test samples with relatively large capacitance, in the power frequency test, the capacity of the test transformer required is relatively large, which increases the burden on the test equipment. The field test is very troublesome. In this case, because the capacitive current is proportional to the frequency of the test voltage, it is proposed to use 0.1HZ ultra-low frequency test equipment-HZCDP series ultra-low frequency AC withstand voltage device, its capacity is only at the power frequency 1/50.

3. Test system about DC withstand voltage

Generally speaking, the first action of the DC high voltage generator is realized through the rectification of the power frequency high voltage. Although this method can detect the pressure resistance of the facility, it is larger in practice and has poor stability. It is replaced by a power frequency doubler rectifier high-voltage generator. At present, the circuit of the latest power frequency doubler rectifier high voltage generator has the advantages of simplicity and strong load capacity, so it is widely used in the withstand voltage test of the equipment.

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