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Common faults of high current generators

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High-current generator failure phenomenon one: no display at startup


Cause Analysis:


1. The power is not connected. Remedy: turn on the power. Note: When replacing the fuse, you should replace the fuse of the same model and not replace it with other models.


2. The 20A fuse of the instrument is not installed or is open. Elimination method: reinstall the fuse or replace the fuse;


Large current generator failure phenomenon 2: The output current does not reach the rated value


Primary Current Injection Test Set.png

Cause Analysis:


1. The input wiring is wrong. Remedy: re-wiring


2. The load is too large. Remedy: reduce the load


Large current generator failure phenomenon 3: no current and voltage indication


Cause Analysis:


1. The internal plug-in of the device is loose; troubleshooting: check the device to find the loose part and plug it in again to eliminate the fault


2. The test circuit has an open circuit failure; troubleshooting: check the test circuit to eliminate the open circuit failure

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