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Use of discharge rod of DC high voltage generator

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1. When discharging a large capacitive test product, after the test is completed, after disconnecting the test power supply, you should wait for a period of time, so that the charge on the test product passes through the pressure doubler and the test product itself self-discharges to the ground. It can be observed that the voltage of the voltmeter on the control box is gradually falling and falling. When the voltmeter drops to a lower voltage, generally around 5Kv~15Kv, the discharge rod can be used to gradually move to the vicinity of the test product, and discharge through the gap air first. , At this time, a hissing sound can be heard. When the voltage drops below 1KV, use the discharge rod to touch the test product, and then the test product is directly grounded and discharged.

DC Hipot Tester.png

2.The size of the accumulated charge of the large capacitive test sample is proportional to the size of the test sample capacitance and the level of the applied voltage and the length of time.

3. After the test of high-voltage cables over several kilometers, the discharge time is generally very long, and it needs to be repeatedly discharged. The resistance capacity is very large, and a large-capacity discharge rod needs to be ordered.

4. It is strictly forbidden to discharge the test product with a DC high-voltage discharge rod without opening the test power supply.

5. It is strictly forbidden to step on or squeeze the DC high-voltage discharge rod with heavy objects, and it is strictly prohibited to bend the DC high-voltage discharge rod.

6.It is strictly forbidden to damp the DC high-voltage discharge rod, which will affect the insulation strength, and should be placed in a dry place.

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