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Common faults of DC high voltage generator

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Common faults of the DC high voltage generator: Fault 1. Turn on the power switch of the DC high voltage generator, and the power indicator and the green light are not on?

Failure analysis: check the power fuse, power cord and power switch;

Solution: If any one of them is damaged, please replace it in time.

Fault 2. After turning on the power switch of the DC high-voltage generator, the power indicator flashes green and is accompanied by a buzzer sound.

Fault analysis: A is not grounded; B is grounded unreliable; C uses the generator power supply or the power supply through the switchgear isolation transformer.

Solution: A ground; B check whether the grounding wire is reliable and re-ground; C if the power supply is changed by 1/1 isolation or a spontaneous power supply is used on site, the power supply must be artificially connected to the ground.

DC Hipot Tester.png

Trouble 3. After turning on the power switch of the DC high-voltage generator, the green light of the power indicator is on, and the red light of the high-voltage indicator is off (the high-voltage cannot be closed).

Failure analysis: A voltage regulator is not in the zero position; B overvoltage setting switch is set to zero; C high pressure indicator button light may be damaged.

Solution: A. Return the potentiometer to the zero position. B. Set the overvoltage setting switch to the voltage value required for this test. C Check the high-voltage indicator light if it is damaged, please replace it.

Fault 4. The indication of the high-voltage digital micro-ammeter is always zero during the use of the DC high-voltage generator.

Failure analysis: A high-voltage digital microammeter may be damaged, B microammeter output line may be short-circuited, C microammeter output line is poorly connected.

Solution: A. Return the microammeter to the factory for repair. B Check the microammeter output line. If there is a short circuit, please re-solder. C Check the microammeter output line and the microammeter contact power switch. If there is any damage, please replace it in time.

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