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Safety measures before test transformer test

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The good service attitude of test transformers has won recognition in the industry, but in recent years, the frequent occurrence of power safety accidents has caused power companies to pay more attention to the high voltage test of test transformers. In the high-voltage test, the safety protection work is very important. Therefore, the preventive intervention should be made in advance before the test transformer test starts to make reasonable arrangements to reduce the potential risk factor. This article makes a brief analysis of the safety measures before the high-voltage test of the test transformer.


1. Risk awareness


There are certain accidents and risks during the high-voltage test of the test transformer. Therefore, it is necessary not only to ensure that the work participating in the test has high skills, but also to ensure the overall quality of the employees. At the same time, high-voltage testing is a dangerous job. Therefore, before the test, it is necessary to explain in detail the risks of the test part undertaken by each worker, and tell the worker which transformer is good to test in order to have a clear understanding of the test.


Hipot Test Set.png

Two, set a warning


In order to ensure that the high-voltage test process of the test transformer will not harm personal safety, publicity is indispensable on weekdays, so that more people should know that outsiders are prohibited from entering the high-voltage test site. At the same time, it is necessary to hang warning signs and pull safety nets within the test site to keep passers-by away from the test site. At the same time, the relevant staff should be aware of precautions and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the test specifications for the test transformer.


Three, comprehensive inspection


Corresponding safety precautions have been taken before the test transformer is tested, and should be taken seriously during the test. Usually, the operators who participate in the test transformer test are carefully selected to form a team with strong skills. In order to prevent wiring errors and affect the test, it is also necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the wiring to ensure the safety of the test site, which is very important for the normal conduct and orderly development of the high-voltage test of the test transformer.


The current prospects for the development of test transformers are good, and many measuring instruments have begun to use higher-precision and more intuitive on-screen numerical display methods to avoid errors caused by direct reading by the naked eye. Before the high-voltage test of the test transformer, the security measures should be strictly implemented, publicity should be strengthened, and the equipment and the test site should be strictly inspected.

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