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High current generator temperature rise test

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Precautions for temperature rise test of high current generator:

1. The test work should not be less than two people, one person to operate, and one person to supervise the operation to ensure safety;

2. The shell must be grounded. Don't neglect to prevent personal safety accidents due to low voltage;

3. The wire from the secondary to the tested product of the current booster should not be too long, the cross-sectional area should be sufficient, and the contact surface should be cleaned, otherwise the joint will heat up and the current will even fall below the rated value;

4. Check that the power supply has sufficient capacity before work, otherwise the power cord will heat up and the voltage drop will affect normal work;

5. There should be no flammable materials at the work site. For the temperature rise test, sufficient fire extinguishing equipment should be prepared;

6. For the continuity (heating) test, there should be someone on-site. And regularly check the heating of the up-current source equipment, wires, and connectors, and make a record. Due to the fluctuation of the grid voltage, pay attention to adjust the TD to maintain the rated test current;

7. The test work shall comply with the relevant provisions of the electrical safety work regulations and formulate practical safety measures.

The high-current generator adopts an energy-saving high-permeability current booster and is equipped with a digital stopwatch, which can meet time measurement. It has the characteristics of large output power, strong anti-overload ability, clear reading, flexible movement, etc., suitable for electric power system technicians to inspect current transformers, protection devices and secondary loop current tests.

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